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Twitter Homework

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If you haven't already done so, please set up an account on Twitter before class. Please choose your Twitter name wisely (see Strategies for choosing a Twitter handle). If you have several social media presences already, consider using a consistent username for all of them to help people find you. 


Fill out the profile info, but be sure not to disclose personal information such as your address. Only disclose what you are comfortable with!


Now set up a Twitter widget for your blog so your latest tweets are displayed in the sidebar on your blog (see instructions in the link below). In a Word document list your twitter handle and upload the Word document to the Homework assignments folder on Blackboard.


I would strongly recommend reading the following resources before completing this homework assignment:


How to set up a Twitter account

How to add a Twitter Widget to your blog (create the widget here)

How to write a Twitter bio that will make you stand out

How to install the new Twitter design

The top 7 types of Twitter avatarsChoosing a Twitter avatar 

Twitter cheat sheet

How Jay Rosen (digital media expert) tweets (good examples)

What to tweet about

Why people might not be following you

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