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Social Media for PR: Spring 2013 Section 1 (redirected from Social Media for PR: Spring 2011)

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JN = Journalism Next; OR = Online Reading


The Web, the Social Web & New Technologies
Week 1:    
Mon. 01/14:

Course Welcome & Introduction 


Wed. 01/16:

Social Web & New Rules of PR 

Quiz on the readings


Week 2:    
Mon. 01/21:

MLK Holiday - No class


Wed. 01/23:

Blogs & Wordpress

Homework: Evaluate other blogs and complete a blog questionnaire

JN: ch. 2 


Week 3:

Blogging & Conversation Engagement Project begins

Mon. 01/28:

RSS review & Blogging Etiquette

Homework: Set up Bloglines Reader 

Learning Plans due


JN: ch. 1 



Wed. 01/30:

Creating a visual identity for your blog or microblog

Homework: Sketch out your banners & bring pictures for your banners to class

JN: ch. 6

Week 4:    
Mon. 02/04:

NO CLASS: E-Learning Symposium 

Finish banners & Wordpress layout (Open lab time if you need it)


Wed. 02/06:

Microblogging & Twitter: Twitter Worksheet

Homework: Set up a Twitter account & add a Twitter widget to your blog

JN: ch. 4  

Week 5:    
Mon. 02/11:

Twitter for PR

HomeworkEvaluate Twitter accounts

JN: ch. 5 



Wed. 02/13:

Writing in 140 characters  - Twitter Scavenger Hunt

Homework: Find 3 examples of live-tweeting/live-blogging         


Principles: Identifying Influencers & Experts
Week 6:    
Mon. 02/18:

Personal Learning Networks & identifying experts  

Homework: Build your Twitter Network        

Wed. 02/20:

Social Bookmarks & their uses (In-Class activity: RWW activity on identifying influencers)

No homework today


Principles: Engaging Online Audiences: Listening, Monitoring & Responding
Week 7:    
Mon. 02/25:

Responding to your audience: Case Studies (Motrin)

Homework: Set up Diigo and subscribe to relevant tags/users in Google Reader


Wed. 02/27:

Monitoring conversations: SM Audits

No homework today

JN: ch. 10 

Week 8:    
Mon. 03/04: PLN Progress Reports   
Wed. 03/06: PLN Progress Reports    

Week 9:    
Wed. 03/13: NO CLASS: SPRING BREAK    

Principles: Making yourself visible & Growing an Audience
Week 10:    
Mon. 03/18:

Attention Economy, Search engine visibility, SEO  

Homework: Get Twitter users to notice you


Wed. 03/20:

SEO Workshop: headlines, links, & HTML tags

No homework today

JN: ch. 11 

Week 11:    
Mon. 03/25:

Content Strategy: Content Curation 

No Homework today


JN: ch. 3; OR
Wed. 03/27:

Content Strategy: Telling Stories with Audio & Video 

Homework: Deconstructing a video & identifying shots

JN: ch.7 & 8 

Week 12:    
Mon. 04/01:



Wed. 04/03:

Inside the Mind of Google (43 minutes) 

No homework today


Principles: Measuring Performance & ROI
Week 13:    
Mon. 04/08:

Social Media Metrics 

Homework: Create a bit.ly link, tweet and track it


Wed. 04/10:

Connected: How Kevin Bacon cured cancer (Network theory)

Homework: Set up Google Analytics


Special Topics in Social Media & PR
Week 14:

Blogging & Conversation Engagement Project ends

Mon. 04/15:

Social Media News Releases & Optimized Releases 

No homework today


Wed. 04/17:

The Dark Side of Social Media: Privacy Concerns  

Homework: Checking your digital footprint   


Week 15:    
Mon. 04/22:

Negotiating multiple identities on the social web

Homework: Reflection on your own digital identity


Wed. 04/24:

In-Class work on Personal Learning Projects

No homework today


Week 16:    
Mon. 04/29:

PLN Presentations 

Final Projects Due


Wed. 05/01: PLN Presentations   



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