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Identify 3 different brands who have an active Twitter account. Read through each brand's last 30 tweets and determine the following. Type up your answers to all these questions in a Word document and upload the Word document to the Homework assignments folder on Blackboard.


Out of the last 30 tweets, how many:

  • Were @replies
  • Were RTs
  • Were tweets without any @reply or RT
  • Contained links
  • Contained hashtags


Now look at the basic profile information.

  • How many followers does the brand have
  • How many people is the brand following
  • What is the ratio of following to followers
  • How many lists is the brand listed on (Twitter doesn't show you that info. Third party apps like Tweetdeck do)


Give each of the 3 brands a Twitter grade (A+ to F) based on the info gathered above.  

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