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Google Reader Homework

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Chapter 1 gives instructions on how to set up Google Reader. Unfortunately Google Reader no longer exists, so you'll need to use a different feed reader for this class. I recommend Bloglines Reader (alternatively, you can also try Feedly). It is very easy to use and most of the material discussed in chapter 1 applies to Bloglines Reader just as much as it applies to Google Reader. Just set up an account on Bloglines and then:


  • Identify 10 blogs or websites with information that is relevant to this class (social media & PR).
  • Use Bloglines Reader to subscribe to those 10 RSS feeds 


  • Do a Google news search for a topic that is relevant to this class 
  • Use Bloglines Reader to subscribe to this Google News alert 


Take a screenshot of your Bloglines Reader showing these 11 feeds and upload it to the Homework assignments folder on Blackboard. Your screenshot should show the RSS feeds you subscribed to -- like this example:


If you need help with Bloglines, check out the FAQ and especially the "how do I add a new feed" section. 

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